Pecularities of Application of Revolutionary Agrarianist Experience in Contemporary Ukraine

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Serhii V. Kornovenko


Introduction. The experience of the events of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 is especially
relevant for modern Ukraine. Modern geopolitical transformations, radical changes in the domestic political life
of Ukraine, ambitious plans of the government are a chance for our state to restore its full-fl edged subjectivity
in the international arena, in the domestic life of the country. An effective mechanism of external and internal
subjectivization of Ukraine, given the longevity of agricultural culture (in a broad sense), can be agrarian policy,
its effective implementation. This implies not only a clear understanding on the part of the state of the essence of
agrarian policy, its purpose, stages and mechanisms of implementation.
The author of the article aims, taking into account the experience of agrarianist transformations of the
Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921, to propose a possible ideological model of the latest agrarian transformations,
which should concern the peasant-owner with the optimal amount of land tenure/land use for profi table high-tech
Results. The basic ideology of agrarianist by its content agrarian policy is the creation and effective
functioning of the State Land Bank. At one time, such an institution was the bank «Ukraine». Its main functions
1) valuation of land to be sold;
2) distribution of lands that will be transferred to the bank’s land fund;
3) determination of the maximum and minimum sizes of plots that peasants can buy from a bank, etc.
Conclusion. Thus, the basic principles of Ukrainian agrarianism of the period of the Ukrainian revolution
of 1917 - 1921 are quite suitable for modern agrarian policy. Their implementation in the 21st century will
contribute to the internal subjectivity of Ukraine, the formation of a high-tech national agricultural producer

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Kornovenko, S. V. . (2021). Pecularities of Application of Revolutionary Agrarianist Experience in Contemporary Ukraine. Ukrainian Peasant, (26).
History of agrarianism
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Serhii V. Kornovenko, Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy

PhD hab. (History), Professor, Department of Intellectual Property and
Civil Law Disciplines, Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy, Cherkasy, Ukraine


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