Reviewing is the receipt of consultations / advice on each of the manuscripts from experts.

The review procedure is anonymous for both the reviewer and the authors and is carried out by two independent reviewers (double-blind review).

The journal ensures the objectivity of the reviewers' judgments.

Reviewers must adhere to ethics requirements in scientific publications of Committee on Publication Ethics and be objective and impartial.

Reviewers should not have a conflict of interest.

Article reviewing is confidential.

 The review indicates one of the conclusion variants regarding the manuscript:

1) to recommend the article for publication without changes;

2) to recommend the article for publication with the reviewer’s comments and recommendations agreed with the author / authors;

3) to return the article to the author for revision with further review;

4) to reject the author to publish the article.

In case of the author’s disagreement with the reader’s opinion, he /she has the right to give a reasonably grounded answer to the journal’s editors. Under such circumstances his / her article is examined at the session of the journal’s editorial board. The editorial board can send the article for an additional or new reading to the other expert.