Faculty of agriculture at Kamyanets-Podilsk Ukrainian University in persons: Ivan Andriyovych Oliynyk

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Olexander S. Kadenyuk


Introduction. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Kamianets-Podilskyi was one of the cities
of Ukraine where national cultural and educational centers were formed, which contributed to the awakening of
national consciousness in Ukraine in 1917-1921. The revolution opened up great opportunities for the development
of Ukrainian education and culture. In October 1918, the State Ukrainian University was founded in KamianetsPodilskyi, the fi rst national higher educational institution created by the independent Ukrainian state. A year later,
the University opened an agricultural faculty, the faculty created departments: crop, agronomic, horticultural
and horticultural, livestock. The opening of the faculty was important, at which time the Directorate began land
reform, which required specialists with agricultural education. One of the founders of the Faculty of Agriculture
at Kamyanets-Podilsky State Ukrainian University was Ivan Andriyovych Oliynyk - a famous agronomist, the fi rst
dean of the Faculty of Agronomy of Kamyanets-Podilsky Agricultural Institute. In modern historiography there
are no special comprehensive studies of social life and organizational activities of the founders of agricultural
education in Podolia.
The рurpose is to analyze the fi gure of I. Oliynyk – one of the organizers of agricultural education in
The methods of investigation: problem-searching, historical-comparative, systems thinking, chronological,
analysis and synthesis.
Results. І. А. Oliynyk was born on June 23, 1879 in the town of Studenytsia, Ushytsya district, Podolsk
province, into a peasant family. In April 1919, the Faculty of Agriculture was established at Kamyanets-Podilsky
State Ukrainian University. There was an urgent need for his professional support, because there were not enough
teachers who could teach lectures to students in the Ukrainian language and had the necessary specialty. I.
Oliynyk had extensive practical experience in the agricultural sector and the necessary education, so the university
management invited to teach. With the advent of Soviet power I. Oliynyk remained in Kam ‘Yanka-Podilskyi,
became the fi rst dean of the agronomic faculty of the institute. In the summer of 1930, the Kamyanets-Podilsky
Agricultural Institute was reorganized into the Institute of Technical Cultures and the All-Ukrainian Research
Institute of Poultry. I.A. Oliynyk started working but he didn’t have to teach there for a long time. The punitive
authorities began to fabricate the case of the Ukrainian branch of the Labor Peasant Party with its center in
Kharkiv. He was arrested by local Chekists for allegedly «counter-revolutionary activities» in agronomy and
convicted. And only on September 16, 1960, by the decision of the Judicial Board for Criminal Cases of the
Verkhovna Rada of the USSR, the case of I.A. Oliynyk was interrupted due to the lack of evidence of the accusation
and he was rehabilitated.
Novelty of the results of the research. Investigating the history of agricultural education in Ukraine, in
particular in Podillya through the fi gure of Ivan Andreevich Oliynyk traces the general trend of the era, the
attitude of political regimes to educators, scientists, public and political fi gures. Everyone’s biography will give
an opportunity to recreate their own face in history, and then make a holistic picture of events, time and system.
Conclusions. For the short period of time that falls on the scientifi c and pedagogical activities of I.A. Oliynyk
can trace the history of formation and development of agricultural education in Ukraine. The historical period of
the 20s-30s of the XX century under the infl uence of political events and realities of that time formed a system that
infl uenced not only the socio-political relations, but also the personal life of each person.

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Olexander S. Kadenyuk, Podolsk State Agrarian and Technical University

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Law, Vocational and Social-Humanitarian
Education, Podolsk State Agrarian and Technical University, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2173-6055
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